Our structures are assembled by our building crews from the top down with a jacking system that progressively elevates the structure without the need of expensive cranes or any heavy machinery. This is only possible because of the Steel Knuckle roof that is being provided. Erection crews can stay safely on the ground. This construction method enables rapid, logical progress for timely completion. Roof features and options can be installed before the tank roof is jacked up into the air.

Harvestore floors are constructed from reinforced concrete. When using concrete, the walls are embedded in the foundation. Our building crews are well versed in modern construction techniques.

The sidewalls are constructed using a series of specially designed motorized jacks. Each glass-fused-to-steel panel is bolted and sealed into place. Bolts are inserted where panels overlap and tightened with speed wrenches and are set to Harvestore specifications. As the bolts are tightened, sealant flows around them to create a sound joint. Harvestore system bolts are inserted with the rounded heads inside the structure. These heads are covered with smooth plastic caps so the downward flow of feed will not be interrupted. Shanks and nuts are treated to resist corrosion. Upon completion, the motorized jacks raise the sidewall ring so subsequent rings can be erected.

Troughs are designed to accommodate a full range of Harvestore system unloaders, including the new XL400. Once the trough is in place, the concrete foundation is poured inside the ring of structural sheets. This forms a solid support for both structure and unloader.

Foundation sealer strips are placed along the foundation to prevent the entry of air where concrete and steel meet. Hollow sealer bolts are inserted through the foundation sheet to provide additional insurance against leakage. In the unlikely event that an air leak should develop, sealant can be pumped through these bolts to close the space between steel sheets and the concrete foundation.

The Harvestore glass-fused-to-steel knuckle roof does not require any galvanized or aluminum structural components. This roof is the most desirable as it provides the preferred glass-fused-to-steel roof system that enables the roof and walls to expand and contract at the same rate as temperature changes. Roofs are free span and are generally installed on the tanks in the initial phase of construction and then jacked up into place, preinstalled.

Construction Silo
Trough 2

A quality tank is not only coated sheets of steel, it is also the expertise applied during the construction and the after sale service and assistance that follows.

Every Harvestore structure is pre-engineered by the manufacturer, CST Industries,  to specific project requirements.  Ontario Harvestore has their own master building foreman, factory trained builders, veteran Construction Managers and a variety of experienced project managers.