Developed in collaboration with our technology partner Dinamica Generale, the new KEENAN controller continues the list of exciting innovations in our feed management technology. A number of new features combine to make the KEENAN controller one of the most advanced, intuitive and easy to use feed management tools in the marketplace. Fitted to your mixer wagon, the 8-inch colour display is designed to allow for the clearest display, no matter what weather conditions are present.


Equipped with 4g capability, this allows for rapid transfer of data to and from the controller, up to 99 individual diets can be pre-programmed on the controller, facilitating effective management of large groups of different animals. The Wi-Fi function on the controller allows operators to duplicate the screen on their tablet or smartphone, ensuring easy monitoring of the controller from the cab of the loading tractor or anywhere in the farm yard.

In combination with InTouch Daily TMR Manager (DTM) software, the KEENAN controller ensures:

  • Easy and quick transfer of animal diets to the controller
  • Real time wireless transfer of loading accuracy and mixing revolutions
  • Accurate control of feed costs, dry matter intake and refusal management
  • Detailed graphs and reports on ingredients used, feed costs, herd productivity and feeding accuracy
  • Accurate management of animal feed inventory on farm