Sales Team

Curtis McLean

Curtis McLean

General Manager
Southwestern Ontario
Ph: (800) 265-8303
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Henk Huizenga

Henk Huizenga

Sales Manager
Ottawa Valley Region
Ph: (800) 267-7940
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Mark Plant

Mark Plant

Service Manager
Southwestern Ontario
Ph: (519) 469-8200

Chris Phillips

Chris Philips

Customer Service Manager
Ottawa Valley Region
Ph: (613) 794-4030

Factory Trained Technicians

Our track record has proven over time that a Harvestore Feeding system will function at peak efficiency year after year provided routine maintenance is completed.

Like any fine piece of equipment, your Harvestore system needs periodic checking, adjusting, cleaning and lubricating in order to deliver the feed volume desired. Completing routine maintenance will ensure your Harvestore system runs at peak efficiency and minimizes the risk of any high cost repairs being required in the future.

Our factory-trained technicians will keep your Harvestore delivering the performance you demand.

Our Construction Team

Harvestores reputation has been built on the foundations of hundreds of successful installations. Every Harvestore is factory engineered to customer specifications. Since all panels are manufactured in the factory and easily assembled, our structures can be easily installed in many types of situations. We have dedicated, factory-trained technicians with many years of experience.

Harvestore’s modular structures offer low maintenance with a patented glass-fused-to-steel coating that is factory engineered to be the best.


Harvestore and their affiliated company, Greatario, employs approximately 30 professional builders, who erect our projects across eastern Canada. Our builders are factory trained every year. We employ five Master Builders who act as our Project Foremen. These individuals are highly trained and possess unique building skills along with concrete and rebar experience.

  • Offer turnkey operations that minimize construction time and cost.
  • Build systems in minimal time using specialized construction equipment and our experienced manufacturer certified building crews.