Harvestore® sets the standard for superior feed quality, providing an efficient first-in, first-out feed storage and delivery system that’s built for a lifetime of value. We provide a total package approach to storage and handling for superior feed, by offering products like the HIVE AgriChef automation controller and the line-up of KEENEN TMR Mixers. 

This video series is designed to explain the benefits of our product line and services we offer. 

KEENAN TMR Mixers Round Table with Brayden Van Driesten (KEENAN Canada), Eldon Petherick (Alltech Canada) and Harry Cnossen (local dairy farmer), hosted by Curtis McLean (GM Ontario Harvestore).  

The HIVE AgriChef is the central hub of your feed system, giving you complete control of the feeding process and all recipies. The touchscreen interface can be accessed remotely via PC and Smart Phones. Complete Feeding Automation at your Fingertips. 

Join Curtis McLean (Ontario Harvestore) and Eldon Petherick (Alltech Canada) as they discuss producing and storing quality feed using Harvestore Structures.